When Mr. Tuna meets Mrs. Arugula

This is a healthy, tasty and spicy salad with a little help from the peppery arugula. You might be surprised of arugula if you never tasted before! It`s kind of love or hate feeling, but you need to try new things everyday!

You need one good quality Tuna can for a medium bowl of arugula, one cup of Kalamata olives, three or four tablespoons of olive oil, one small can of herring egg paste or one cup of cheese cream, one cup of chopped chives or spring onions and half a teaspoon of chili paste.

Usually you don`t need to add salt, because tuna is already salted and also you get some extra salty taste from the chili paste. Make sure you replace the hot version of chili paste with the sweet one if kids around!

The cheese cream or the herring paste are optional, but make sure arugula leaves are crispy fresh so you could get the best flavor!