Take 20 chicken wings, cut them in three parts and split the joint between the two bones, so the marinade could get better in the meat but also to make them easier to eat.

Next step, you have to mix one cup of yogurt with one cup of chicken stock, one teaspoon of curry powder, one teaspoon of garlic powder, half a teaspoon of thyme, two tablespoons of chili paste, salt and pepper. Make sure you taste it before you add salt because my favorite chili paste is already salty. Mix all the ingredients and let them rest for half an hour to make sure all the flavors are well mixed before you cover the chicken wings with the marinade in the same oven tray that you will use for cook them. Cover the tray with a cling foil and let the wings over the night into the fridge or at least two hours before you cook them.

When you put the tray into the oven, remember to remove the foil because the marinade will help the wings cook fast but also it will turn them crispy but juicy. It’s a great recipe when you have friends and family around.