I dare you to paint using your old makeup kit!

To quote the American composer Philip Glass, “People don`t know what they like, they like what they know”, this is the truth!

You like to eat what you already know is good, you like to paint using water colors or oil colors. Or, even worst, you don`t like to paint just because you never tried before and you don`t know you would like to! Well, even you never painted before, this is your biggest chance to play with colors, using your old makeup kit! Why that? Simply because you already know how to use your fingers to work with the eye makeup, or you can use an old makeup brush to give a little blush to your first painting ever.

Now, look at my painting, it`s a sunrise on the sea shore! If you noticed those little blue things, you must know that I`ve added some toothpaste in my composition! You can dare to paint a portrait, using the eye liner and even your mascara so you could paint the hair, there are lots of possibilities as long as you are willing to try!

Now you know! Next time, before you think to throw away your old makeup kit, you can use it to create a birthday card, or you can ask your kids or your little sisters and brothers to play with your… recycled makeup kit! You should learn from them, only kids dare to use unusual stuff to create something amazing, because they are so openminded!