It’s thyme time for sweet snacks!

Thyme is a very healthy aromatic plant, also known as poor people`s antibiotic. I love thyme sprinkled on meat, beans, potatoes or fish meals, but I’ve recently discovered a delicious way to include thyme in our sweet snacks.

So, you only have to mix three cups of pure honey, no glucose or corn syrup in it, with three tablespoons of thyme and keep it into a jar, lid on, for two weeks. Filter the content and then use this… upgraded thyme honey on your morning pancakes, buttered bread, waffles, you name it.

If you want to fix digestive, urinary or respiratory issues, you should use one tablespoon of thyme honey, every eight hours. It’s delicious and super healthy, so your kids should include it in their everyday sweet snacks, better than any synthetic jelly or fake peanuts cream. Just dare to experience something new!