I don`t know about you, but I am a milk chocolate lover. Now imagine your favorite milk chocolate bar in its best creamy, smooth and ready to drink hot version! Your family and friends will love you even more!

Take a big cup (mug) add three or even four tablespoons of good quality powdered milk, one or two tablespoons of cocoa, Dutch would be better but you can use your favorite brand, too. Sugar quantities are up to you, how sweet you want to enjoy your hot drink, but you could add two or three teaspoons of sugar. Take a fork and give a good mix to the dried ingredients before you add some hot water drops, little by little, until you get a thick chocolate cream. Sprinkle a touch of Cayenne pepper and fill the cup with hot water, mixing carefully until the delicious chocolate cream is completely dissolved, turning into the yummiest hot chocolate you`ve ever had.

For your personalized version, you can add some vanilla, or almonds, or rum essence, or you can simply sprinkle some cinnamon powder for the Christmas flavor. It would work great with a double cream and tiny candies sprinkles topping. It`s up to you, but trust me, the powdered milk works great to create that creamy sensation and also the special taste. Also, the Cayenne pepper helps keeping the hot effect longer, so it is a great touch in the cold winter days and nights.

The most delightful thing about this recipe is you can enjoy the Christmas chocolate taste all year long, because that cream you get when you mix the dried ingredients with few water drops works great in the summertime, when you can turn it into a delicious cake in a jar, by simply adding some smashed Graham biscuits and also few tablespoons of Greek yogurt or even ice cream. So, from now on, remember you should keep some powdered milk bags and cocoa in your pantry, just in case your cravings for hot chocolate hit you when is snowing outside and you`re not in the mood to go out!

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