“Look at you! You are such a great baby, you can hear, you can see, you can speak, but you are constantly wining of everything!”, says cat Mom to her first born, Tommy, a perfect blue eyes baby, except his bad temper.

“I know, but you are always busy taking care of my sister Lisa, who’s blind, deaf brother Rusty and his tween Blacky, who can’t speak at all, because he is completely mute!”, complaints Tom.

“And now you don’t want to take me with you to the grocery where you meet your friends and their kids!”, says Tom. “Why did you decide to take Blacky with you?”

“You have great friends to play with and Lisa is always so happy to listen any sound she can hear, smelling everything around her and talking all the time about things she discovers and loves without seeing her brother Blacky doesn’t always listen her. She knows he can`t hear anything, but he takes good care of her not to hurt herself while exploring the world around and he is happy because he can actually see everything so he can describe her how the things she loves look like. Lisa uses her ears and protects her deaf brother when something bad gets close to him, so they manage to enjoy life without complaints!”, says mom.

“And why does Blacky go with you?”, asks Tommy.

“Because he always keeps his mouth shut, so he is not asking me to buy everything he sees on the grocery and doesn’t tell embarrassing stories about our family’s life while I’m spending time with my friends and their kids. So, he can play with the kids, even he can’t speak”, answers cat mom.

“So, do I ever have the chance to go out with you like my friends are doing all the time with their moms?”

“Of course, as soon as you could feel how blessed you really are for being such a perfect little baby! You all are perfect and special to me because you all are my babies. Just watch your brothers and learn when to act like you don’t see, don’t talk and don’t hear anything and learn how to be happy all the time”, says cat mom.

“Ok, but why don’t you take Lisa or Rusty with you to the grocery?”, asks stubborn Tom.

“Well, first thing first, because they didn’t ask me to. But think about Lisa, she might speak about things she didn’t actually see, while Rusty might speak about things he didn’t actually hear. Next time when you are ready to open your mouth and say something, stop and think if you are about to say a nice thing and if this will help you somehow! Wining all the time is not a good way to get more attention or help to live your life better. You are too strong and smart to wine! I don`t ask you to imagine how Lisa`s world could be, or Rusty`s silent world, or even Blacky`s world, I just ask you to enjoy your world and your life. You look like a tiny little blue eyes jaguar, feel like one and most of all, dare like one! Remember! You always are special, especially for yourself!”, says cat mom.

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