“Life is the art of drawing without using an eraser”

I absolutely enjoy watching paintings and drawings and I also love to paint and draw, playing with different colors and textures. This is the reason I strongly recommend this kind of… game to all the kids, parents and grandparents, no matter if this would be their very first time doing this! Or should I say, especially when this would be their first time doing this?!

Yes, you might get dirty, maybe your kitchen or living room precious table will get some very hard to remove stains on it, but this will help you experience life at its best. Why? Because I strongly believe what John W. Gardner, ex-Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under the USA President Lyndon Johnson, was saying: “Life is the art of drawing without using an eraser”.

Kids always enjoy playing with colors and they get busy as soon as you give them the canvas and the colors! It is a completely different situation when it comes to their parents and grandparents! You have no idea how emotional an adult could be watching the white canvas and trying to touch it for the very first time with a color! Even if the color would be white, too! In fact, kids are acting, while most of the adults are reacting! So, an adult reaction is closer to… don`t do something wrong and ruin the immaculate white of the canvas. Slowly, he figures out this will be his first painting, so it can`t be anything wrong with it, no matter how different the flowers would look or how crooked the vase will be!

Next time when you`re looking to spend quality time with your kids or grandkids, you should play with colors. You might be surprised how brave they are facing the white canvas and how willing to help you doing the same, turning you into the brave person you used to be when you were “just a kid”.