„Hey, we are finally doing this: Blue and Black in action!”, says Black to her friend Blue, a fluffy white cat with big blue eyes.

„You don`t have to be that loud, better be silent when you do something so huge as we are doing right now! I still can`t believe we are actually leaving everything behind, going to… nowhere!”

„No second thoughts, kiddo!”

„Stop calling me kiddo, we are almost the same age!”

„I don`t like to call you Blue when you are white as the milk I had this morning before I left the house of my old dad”.

„Well, my dad called me Blue because of my eyes. He said it`s better than Snowflake or Snowy! And you know what? I agree, I might get to live close to the ocean and there might not be snow at all, there”.

„You don`t seem too mad at your dad, why did you leave him and his comfy house? I left because my old dad`s friends told him that I look evil with my golden eyes and sharp claws! But you know I am just a tough cookie”!

„My dad`s girlfriend told him white cats get deaf when they grow up and they decided it will be better to leave me into a cats shelter. So, I had to leave everything, before was too late. I don`t like to leave in a cage for the rest of my life. Ok, Blackie, now we should keep moving so we could get far enough from our homes, not to be found by our dads”.

„Don`t call me Blackie, it makes me feel young and goofy”!

„But you are young and goofy”!

„That is not nice coming from you! I hope we will move fast enough to get to the ocean, so we could have nice fresh fishes all the time”.

„We don`t even know where the ocean is, so keep dreaming!”

„You know, if you dream over and over what you wish for, it will come true!”

„How do you know that?”

„Because I dreamed to get to be your friend and here we are!”

Maybe, when they get to a special destination, we will hear from them again!