Turn leftovers into a hot showstopper dish!

Still dealing with meat leftovers and pickled cucumbers or other veggies, after the New Year`s Eve party? Are you already tired eating cold sandwiches and still you`re not in the mood to cook new stuff? Well, this dish is ready in no time and you will absolutely love it. So much that you will want to cook it again from scratch!

Heat some oil into a deep pot, add two or three tomatoes paste, give it a good stir so it could release its sweet flavor and add the meat leftovers before you cut in small chunks, fatter the better but it works great with any meat, give another good stir and add the pickled cucumbers or veggies leftovers, also cut into small pieces. Sprinkle some salt, black pepper and garlic powder or even curry powder, because it also has garlic included, cover the pot with a lid and let it boil no more than five minutes. It tastes great, it is full of flavor and it is a good hot meal for these cold days. If kids not around, add a little hot pepper paste or Cayenne powder, too. It will make the difference because it will keep you warm a little longer!

Now, another trick, if you don`t want to cook it on stove, just use the oven, it will take a little longer to enjoy it, but you will win some quality time to spend with your dear ones before your lunch. You can use the mashed potatoes leftovers to “garnish” your new dish or you can use your bread leftovers. Enjoy it! And next time when you will want to cook it from scratch, remember to buy some fat pork meat, turkey or any meat you like. It works great even with salmon!

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