“Grandpa, look at my big smile! Remember you promised me you will teach me how to draw a portrait using only simple smile lines? I think now it’s the perfect time to teach me! I want to draw your portrait and Grandma`s too, for Valentine`s Day!”

“Well, Frank, a promise is a promise, never forget this! Let`s do it! Look, now you have to draw a large and deep smile, then another two smaller, and another one even smaller, and another two of a medium size, one on the left and the other one on the right side. See? It already looks like a face, a happy one! There`s nothing more precious than a happy face when you get the chance to see one!”

“Okay, when you started with those three, or four smile lines I was thinking it looks more like a Menorah, but now I can see the face! Now, what`s next?”

“Always a big joker like me!”, smiles Grandpa Louis, very proud of his grandson. “Now you have to draw the same way but using not so deep smile lines for drawing my face, too. See?”

“Why not so deep smile lines? You like to smile, too!”

“Well, to make a little difference! Always, Grandma smiles more, but let`s just say boys` facial lines are more abrupt than girls`! It`s like we like to smile more with our soul than with our face, you know?”

“Dad smiles all the time just like you do, but I got it, I like we have more abrupt lines to look tough! Now what`s next?”

“Now you have to turn the paper upside down and continue with your smile lines! See? One large and deep smile line for Grandma`s hair and two smaller to end the hair contour, two for the eyebrows, another two to complete the eyes contour, and if you turn the paper on the right hand, add one smile for an ear and then you do the same on the left side too! Now Grandma`s portrait is ready for some colors! And my portrait waits for some smiles, too! Take care of my hat, my eyebrows, too, and don`t forget my moustache and my ears!”

“Super! It was fast and kind of easy to draw your portraits! And I will write something nice between you two, or at least I will draw a heart! The drawings are a little crooked, to be honest with you, and Grandma looks a little older than you do… “

“Hey, don`t forget that pushing too hard for perfection, you`re missing all the fun and joy! Don`t be so… abrupt, young man!”

“Relax, Grandpa, this is my first drawing using the smile line, now I will draw a better one for Mom and Dad, so I could practice a little more, and the best drawing will be that for my girlfriend Mara!”

“Oh, Ha, Ha! That`s my boy! Just wait to see when I will tell Grandma about your strategy!”

“Well, Grandpa, she asked me to keep you a little busy, so she could hide her surprise gift for you, so maybe we will laugh together when it comes to our strategies! And, by the way, what’s your secret gift for Grandma?”

“It is a secret one, isn`t it? Ha, Ha, Ha, you look very much like Grandma and her smart mouth! Come on, get busy with your practicing drawings!”