Never knew how to draw any of your favorite animals or birds, you only do… flowers or snowflakes? We could change this right now, starting with a different flower pattern. After all, this is all about when we talk about reverse-lives, my blog! Turn something bad into something great!

This is the story behind my drawings! I was about 4 years old, suffering for a bad and painful itchy disease all over my body. My dad had to stay home, to keep an eye on me not to scratch my skin, because the doctor told him I could get scars forever. So, he had to keep me busy all the time, but this was not at all an easy thing to do! He was reading me or telling me stories, or even drawing for me the most amazing horses ever, because he grew up at a farm and he loved horses all his life.

Even his horse drawings were great and always different, I was boring and I asked him to try something else. So, my dad gave me this kind of plane tulip, but before I started to laugh at, he turned the drawing upside down and everything looked completely different as you could see for yourself!

That was the day when my dad turned into my first drawing teacher, before I even learned how to write my name!

Look, this was the first… flower drawing I ever made. It is super easy, it only has four petals, as you could see, and you don`t have to make it perfect, as long as it helps you feel good.

No pressure! All you have to do is to turn your drawing upside down, give it a good color and you can be proud of yourself, your flower magically turned into a cat watched from behind!

This is my dad`s simple way to teach me how to draw any animal or even bird. You will have a lot of fun not just drawing anything you like, but also surprising everybody with your… upside down creations. Of course, you should respect proportions, remember, the petals have to be wider if you will turn your flower into an elephant, or longer, if you think of a giraffe!

To give you a hint, you always have to begin with a U shape, like a horse shoe, and everything go easier from there. Look, these are my inspirational drawings for you and believe me or not, it took me less than 15 minutes! Also, when you get more practice, you can draw even a cowboy riding his horse, still from behind.

Now you know you can do it, you are really good on it and you can turn yourself into a… drawing teacher for your friends, at any age. After all, remember, age is just a number!


And another great idea for your art creations! You can draw a lot of animals, print them and step to the next level: a coloring book for your little brothers and sisters or even for your friends!

Can you believe that you just learned how to impress everybody in your class?!

You can draw a very special and unique postcard for your grandparents or even you can color all your drawings, frame them with a little help from your mom and turn everything into amazing pictures to expose and even put them up for sale, make your first money! Trust me, all your aunts and uncles will be more than excited to buy your original drawings!

So, I dare you to get busy and remember: your drawings are perfect especially because are yours!

Also, you can proudly send pictures with you and your work to: and I will place them on my blog, or you can leave a comment right here, and share with me and the other readers how this drawing lesson helped you have a different way of fun.

Now, you can see how a bad thing, my disease, turned into something great, my drawings and also yours!