Are you trying to replace the cheese with its veggie version but you’re not happy because it tastes like… your grandma’s plants tea? Usually, the tofu texture is similar with its original sister, the yummy cheese, but the taste is boring, so I give you a simple but super delicious way to take your tofu to the next level of quality!

The cheese taste comes from deactivated yeast, so, first thing first, you should sprinkle a good amount of this umami ingredient, also very healthy, on your tofu slices. It works great by itself, but you can move forward improving the taste with a smoked paprika version, curry powder, or even Ras El Hanout, an amazing mix of… hot spices! Of course, everything tastes better with cheese, so as long as you sprinkle that nutritional yeast on top of your boring tofu, you get that taste and even more from the red topping of smoked paprika, the yellow one of curry powder or Ras El Hanout, or even the green version with chives and dill or parsley.

Deactivated yeast is a super healthy addition for your mashed potatoes, popcorn, tomatoes salad and even meat dishes. It works great and it is also an amazing natural source of B vitamins, proteins and some minerals with 0 Cholesterol.