I dare you to try a delicious dish with leeks and olives. It’s easy to cook and also leek is healthy, it helps you fixing your urinary issues, among other benefits, of course. And, relax, you will not smell like a fresh peeled onion, all day long! This cousin of the faimous onion is not so… strongly opiniated!

So, here is what you need to cook this dish: four tablespoons of oil, about eight leeks, two cups of Kalamata olives, one cup of white wine or apple cider, one cup of dried tomatoes and salt. You can replace the dried tomatoes with cherry tomatoes or simply with a good quality tomatoes paste, but my version is more full of flavor especially if the dried tomatoes are preserved in olive oil.

Next step of this recipe is to remove the hard fibered leaves of each leek and chop the rest in small pieces. Put the chopped leeks to fry in the oil and sprinkle a teaspoon of salt to help them release their juices. Cover with a lid and let everything cook for about five minutes, then add the wine and the dried tomatoes and let them boil together, stirring from time to time until the leek is… al dente. Add the olives, give another boil and your veggie dish is ready to go!

You can enjoy this veggie dish just like that, with bread, warm or cold or as a side dish for any type of meat, even fish.