This is a fast but not furious sweet recipe for kids, parents and grandparents. It is so easy to prepare it and even easier to enjoy it!

First thing first, you have to mix four tablespoons of powdered milk with one tablespoon of cocoa. Add half a cup of boiled water with four tablespoons of sugar and give a good stir until you get a nice velvety cream.

Put two crumbled graham biscuits in a jar or water glass, add half of your cream. Next layer should be a white one for contrast but if you love even more chocolate or coffee, so be it. Anyways, you get the next layer mixing a small jar of Greek yoghurt with two teaspoons of vanilla, rum or pistachio essence, or any flavor you like, or just concentrated coffee or cocoa. It`s up to you! You also have to add a little sugar in this yoghurt cream, not too much, remember you need different layers, textures and sweetness levels.

When your yoghurt cream is ready, put it in the cookie jar, right on the velvety chocolate cream and then add another layer of crumbled biscuits and the rest of your cocoa cream on top. You can also add a fruit layer.

This is a creamy cake your family will always ask for more and also you can reinvent it anytime with a different flavor. You can replace cocoa with lemon zest and juice, or you can dare to use amaretto biscuits instead of graham, and some almond essence for your cream.