A nice good pork steak needs some TLC, tender, love and care, so next time when you want to enjoy one, remember my tricks. If you are not an everyday cook, make sure you choose the right meat, pork shoulder is great because it has the perfect balance of lean and fat meat.

First thing first, keep the meat slices for 30 seconds into boiling milk. This will help keeping the meat juice inside, so once it will be grilled or fried, or cooked in the oven, you will have the perfect juicy steak. Speaking of oven cooking, you can moisturize the meat during cooking process only with the juice from the tray or with hot liquids, it could be even simple water as long as it is hot, any cold liquid used to brush the meat would stop the cooking process and the meat will get dry.

For a special and distinctive flavor of your steaks, sprinkle some cinnamon powder only on the fat parts of the meat! You will love this little secret! If you like it spicy, mix some smoked paprika with cayenne pepper, one tablespoon of smoked paprika with half a teaspoon cayenne. This hot powder could be sprinkled when the steak is almost cooked. Also, instead the kitchen brush, use a rosemary spring and you will notice the difference. This rosemary springs could replace the iron skewers next time when you plan to have some small bites of meat, bacon, onion and red bell pepper on the grill.

I know it doesn`t happen often but if you have some steaks leftovers, cut them into little pieces and keep them into the freezer until you cook your next soup or stew.