Cut half a pound of lamb meat into medium chunks, sprinkle salt and pepper on, and give them a quick fry, using a deep pan which works in the oven too, or a medium pot, and three tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Take out the meat and use the same oil to fry two rough chopped onions. Add a pinch of salt on it, so it could release its juices, stir, put a lid on until the onion will turn translucent, take off the lid and add two rough chopped red bell peppers, put the lid on and let them fry together for five minutes. Lid off again, add fine sliced mushrooms, about two cups, add one tablespoon of curry powder and half a tablespoon of chili powder, half a cup of tomatoes puree (optional), salt and pepper. Give a good stir to all the ingredients, put the lid on and let them fry until they are soft and tender.

Now, the final magic touch: Lid off, add the lamb meat in the pot and mix everything with one cup of white wine, cover with the lid and put the pan into the oven until the meal turns… bubbling dark brown.

It’s delicious with some sour cream on top and even some parmesan, but it will no longer be a Malaysian lamb, of course!

And a little secret for an extra shine and good-looking dishes: any meal you prepare it will look better and… glossy with a blob of butter, mixed right after you stopped the heat of the the stove.