Dolly Parton said: “Don’t work too hard to make a living and forget you have a life”. That’s why we should have a decent balance between the time we spend working, with people we love, family and friends, and also the time we need to spend with ourselves!

It is very important to refresh our forces for a brand new, glorious day, because every day is a new chance to enjoy life at its best. So, maybe it is the right time to “stop doing what you think is right and start doing what you think is best”! Ask yourself if you really want to do something, before you do it and feel bad about it and begin complaining about it! That is why this old saying is always so true: “Better dare something and say I am sorry than do nothing and wonder how it could have looked your life daring to ask for more”! Still, there is a small detail that makes the difference: we always should ask for more but not for more of what we`ve already got, this would make us look greedy or repetitive, or boring, or even obsessed of that particular thing! We should dare for more in different aspects of our life or getting new things in connection with what we’ve already got.

We should dare to ask for the next level on our favorite game which is always our life!!! We should not be discouraged when we ask for the next level and it looks like we didn’t get it. You know, maybe we already are on the next level but we were too busy to complain and we didn`t notice that! Or, who knows, we just need more practice, we can’t play it right, from the beginning.

Remember all the time: If you didn`t get what you asked for, it means it is not over yet, it is only our rush to jump to fake conclusions and assuming bad things takes the worst side out of us! A miracle has nothing to do with everyday evidences! Einstein said: “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”, but he also said: “clever person solves a problem, wise person avoids it” and: “only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible”. And miracles are impossible to explain.