Sara is a little funny girl, with huge personality, always wearing very bright colored clothes. This time, she got late at school and on top of that, she forgot her colors home, so has to borrow some from her colleagues, to deal with the drawing class. Sara just set on her place and the teacher asked the kids to draw and color a turtle. The kid with the most beautiful drawing will win a prize, so no pressure!

All Sara`s colleagues start using all shades of black, brown and green so they could draw and color their turtles like in real life. Our little girl has no chance to borrow these colors from their colleagues. For the first time, Sara is not so happy using her favorite colors, pink, orange, light blue or green, because these have nothing to do with a decent turtle image. Even so, our little girl knows that better do something than nothing. At least she can draw the turtle! And she really manages to get a nice and funny shape for hers, using the bottom of her water jar to contour the shell. Carefully she looks around and finds a teaspoon and uses it to contour the head and the legs of her turtle. Now she has a perfect draw, so all she has to do is to color it. She chooses orange, pink, light green and also light blue, even her colleagues were laughing at her. „Who has seen something like this before?” But Sara keeps coloring her drawing, knowing that she has to carry out her work, once she started.

Now, the most important moment of the drawing class: the teacher chooses the most beautiful drawing.

„And the winner is Sara! You managed to draw not a perfect shape for your turtle but also you dared to color it different than anybody else. Look at that, I have 11 brown, black and dark green turtles and a very colorful one, Sara`s!”

„But this is not fair!”, little Brian dares to contest the result of the drawing contest.

„There is not such a pink and orange turtle living in the nature!”

„Brian, it is good to contest rather than accept the contest result without knowing why I`ve decided this. So, my prize goes to Sara because she didn`t give up when she had to deal with those unusual colors for a turtle. And look at that, Sara`s turtle looks like her, bright and funny and full of color. I am sure that Sara will always remember that a bad thing turned into a very good one. She forgot her colors home, but she managed to win the contest. You all have to remember always: when God gives you lemons, you have to do not just a tasteful lemonade, but also a delicious lemon pie! And the prize for this contest is a lemon cake I baked last evening. I didn`t know who the winner could be but I baked a huge cake, so you could learn another lesson: to share all your victories with your colleagues and me, of course!”