A different way of painting and recycling

I love DIY projects, recycling things and also I love colors. So, this time you should ask your kids for some help, or turn yourself into one! You should give them and yourself a chance to play with colors and also to reinvent something old into something new and 100% original. Trust me, you will be very satisfied with your work together, even if this will be your very first time when you actually try to paint something with your kids!

Just follow my steps and my pictures and remember to encourage your kids (you included, too!) to accept the idea that art is the expression of what they feel about colors, nature or people, so it`s about their vision more than about other`s. In this case, you will make a team with your kids to recycle the old car sun visor, turning it into a very nice work of art. They can hang it on a wall of their room, use it as a sun visor for the window, to keep the summer heat out, or even turn it into a kite! You can also use this work of art to turn it into an apron for your next barbecue session, to keep the heat of the fire away from you but also to protect your clothes, it`s up to you and your kids which side of the old car sun visor you will choose to paint! You can paint them both, nobody likes to see an aluminum foil look like in the windows of their home, so it should be flowers on the both sides.

You can paint different subjects than these naïve flowers, it could be butterflies, or even no subjects at all, just apply your favorite colors and play with them.

First step: use a wet wipe and clean the side of the sun visor you want to paint, but also… moisturize it a little! Second step: fold the sun visor so you could use half side to apply the colors you like in a thicker layer and the other half to cover the colors side. Third step, press really good until the colors will match together on the both halves of the painting. As you could see in my pictures, there could be a fourth step, to completely cover the inside of your painting, using, of course, another wet wipe!

You don`t need painting brushes, just some good colors and you should be able to improvise this technique with any paper or surface you want to decorate. All you have to do is to apply the colors on one paper and turn the paper upside down on the surface you really want to decorate.

The paper could be framed and turned into a painting of your wall and the other surface could be the coffee table!

Your kids would love to help you decorate your home or at least their room and together you could discover a different way to spend quality time away from the gadgets you all love. Enjoy this freedom to express yourself using colors!