Halloween or not Halloween, this could be a funny salty or sweet snack for you and your family and friends. Also, it could be an activity for you and your kids, and a good way to help them discover new tasty foods, eating healthy cheese when they don`t like the idea of cheese.

First thing first, you need some Mozzarella rolls with a long enough stripe so you could use it to wrap small sausages, rolled salummi slices, baby carrots, cucumber sticks, anything that could be wrapped to look like a mummy. If you want the scary Halloween version, use ketchup for the… bloody effect. Kids love games and imagining things, but maybe they don`t like to dare a first bite of the healthy foods you want them to give a little try. You should learn to play with food and your kids for a win – win situation.

If you are looking for sweet snacks, then you should use the same Mozzarella stripes to wrap sweet sticks, it could be liquorish, tiny chocolate or granola bars, banana, apple, pear, or even water melon sticks. For the bloody version, you can use cranberries sauce, or any red and sweet sauce you like. Use your creativity and dare for different and even unusual combinations!