It’s the first morning after the Halloween and in the farm yard, lots of pumpkins are sharing their funny or scary stories about their most important night of the year. Lot of laughs and even some tears because it is all over now. Grandpa, the biggest pumpkin, is so proud and happy! He was the attraction of the Autumn Festival and kids all over the place took pictures with him, because he really was so big and orange, they’ve never seen something like this before!

The little ones are also excited because all the kids were so happy carving them and transforming into shining lanterns! They helped the kids lighting their way thru the dark night, so they could get the sweet treats from people all over the place. Some of the pumpkins were transformed into cute orange baskets for the kids candies and cookies. Now it’s all over until the next year and slowly after the pumpkins all sizes and colors have shared their Halloween happy moments, they turn silent and sad.

“Now our work is done and I feel like we still could be helpful instead of staying here doing nothing but waiting for the cold autumn rains and the heavy snows of the winter to turn us into feed for the soil that will nourish our brothers and sisters to grow next year”, says a medium size pumpkin.

“Yeah, it’s kind of sad after all the last night joy, but this is how we do from generation to generation”, says the biggest pumpkin.

“I have a brilliant idea”, yells a small pumpkin, probably the smallest of all but also the happiest!

“I will ask momma bald eagle to lift us with her strong claws, up in the air, and land us on the thickest branches of the pines, over there! It will be so exciting!”

“And why on earth would she or us doing such a stupid flight?”, wonders the biggest pumpkin, turning super grumpy, little by little.

“Our flash will feed all kind of birds and bugs and we will turn into safe shelters for them, when the weather will turn bad”, says the little pumpkin. He is still happy and excited despite the old pumpkin doesn’t look so.

“What a great idea! We could enjoy our first flight! And we could enjoy the farm life at its best, watching everything up from the air! And we will turn into water cups for the birds, when the rain begins!”, yells another small pumpkin, super excited about this new way to live their lives.

“I know what I want to be! A pantry for the squirrels’ nuts supplies!”, yells another one.

“And I will be their home”, yells a medium size pumpkin, rolling happy around grandpa.

“See? All kinds of good stuff for our pumpkins gang!”, yells another medium size guy. “We should ask momma eagle to help us as soon as possible, and we will help her with water supplies for her babies and for papa eagle, too!”, yells the smallest pumpkin.

Suddenly, all the orange gang turned super excited about their brand new life after the Halloween season. All the gang except the oldest and biggest pumpkin. He was very sad and quiet.

“Grandpa’, why are you so silent? What happened?”, cries the little pumpkin.

“I can’t help anyone. I’m too big to fly, they carved me years ago and they will cover me with a plastic thick foil until the next season, so I can’t see how am I supposed to be helpful right here, because they can’t move me anywhere”.

“Oh, you are so wrong, you don’t have to go someplace else! You will turn into a chicken coup and you will protect their babies not to be hunted by the big birds or foxes and other bad animals! And every night we will tell you stories about what we’ve seen up from the air, just like you used to tell us stories about the farm when we were kids and you were teaching us how to grow up nice and strong!”

“See? Mission completed, grandpa’!”, yells the smallest pumpkin. “Don’t worry! There is always a new life for everybody who want one and keep dreaming big no matter what!”