Not the weather outside makes the difference but the inside one. We could enjoy even the strongest winter storm and feel like it would be the most beautiful summer day. The Christmas day is perfect, no matter the blizzard outside. Think about it! So, we should turn on the light inside us and we will shine out bright, everywhere we go. Nobody can do this for us. It’s the miracle of always feeling free to enjoy life, step by step.

When we drive to the mall and buy our supplies for a whole month, we get home and feel safe that no matter what, we have everything we need home. It doesn’t matter how bad the snow storm is, we don’t have to go out for an emergency shopping. But in the meantime, when we have everything, we lose our will to go out and do whatever it takes to buy that little something we think we need. We miss the challenge and, of course, we miss our happiness to do everything to succeed in something we think we need.

It’s not bad to feel safe but it’s amazing to push our limits from time to time, so we could go out in the heavy snow storm and get that little something we pretend we need. This is changing our lives, it helps us moving forward, not staying home safe all the time, but go out from time to time and find a way to get that little something! It could be a nice toy to help our kids feeling better about the long and boring days inside because of the storm, it could be a nice perfume to bring the memory of Christmas back to us, anything to push ourselves out of the safety of our life, so we could get back happily changed into a new and perfect version of ourselves. It’s brilliant! And we don’t have to do it all the time!

We have to learn how to enjoy the safety of our lives and how to go out maybe once a month to do something different, enjoy the new feeling and then enjoy even better the safety of our lives.