Turn crossed lines into… grumpy cats

Everyone can do this, no matter… age or drawing skills! All you need is to dare a little more and, of course, a pencil or a pen to draw the crossed lines my way and turn them not just into an orange grumpy cat with green eyes but even into other animals or objects you can only imagine right now.

If you watch my first sketch, it looks ridiculous, but think this is your chance to shine, and make it even better. I dare you! You can be a grandparent looking for new ways to… entertain your bored grandkids on a rainy or even snowy day! Or, you can be mom or dad trying to help kids forget about the online continuous attraction. Or, you could take this as a challenge for yourself, even you don`t have kids or grandkids around not even in your future plans! If cats are not your favorite animals, try a dog, a wolf, a Christmas elf, or even a classic native American tent you could color turning into something special.

The reason I dare you to have your first drawing class is because you need to learn something new, everyday! Maybe you will enjoy color your drawings, helping you relax after a busy day, maybe you will have something to talk about with your friends, or family. The funny part of my story is you could have a good laugh at my grumpy cat and move forward. Think about it! You won at least a smile or a laugh, isn`t it great, anyways?!