My special Tzatziki recipe will make you enjoy even the most boring food, trust me! It works great with any type of meat, fish and sea food, but also with French fries and all kind of veggie dishes.

You have to peel and mince one garlic clove, mix it with a pinch of salt and pour vegetable oil, little by little, until you get a thick and creamy paste. Add just a drop of white vinegar, one teaspoon of condensed milk and give them a last mix. The sweetness of milk will balance the sharp taste of garlic and vinegar and it will also help when you will mix everything with the main ingredient, good quality Greek Yogurt, 10% fat.

Now, for the next step, take a big cucumber, peel it and remove its seeds with the help of a teaspoon. Cut it into small cubes or shredded. Take a big cup of Greek yogurt, salt it, add the garlic paste, mix and finally incorporate the shredded cucumber. Add a pinch of dried dill and for the final touch, my secret ingredient, sumac powder! If you never had the chance to taste it, it`s time to enjoy its special flavor. Sprinkle that magical deep red powder and bring your Tzatziki sauce to the next level of yumminess.

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