Homemade gummy bears, everybody!

If your kitchen looks great simply because you don`t really spend too much time in there, you don`t have to be afraid of this healthy idea I`m coming with right now. I just hope you know how to make a yummy lemonade from scratch, or at least, you know a place where you could buy one from, I mean a real lemonade, no chemicals included!

Next stop, the grocery, to buy some gelatine powder. So, for eight big glasses of lemonade, about half a gallon, you have to add two tablespoons of gelatine powder. Take one cup of warm water and mix the powder in it, let it cool a little and then add it into your lemonade, stir for 30 seconds, until you can be sure everything is mixed together and pour the content in oven trays or even soup dishes. Make sure the gummy bears to be will not get too thick, because the liquid lemonade will soon turn into a gummy layer, after you place the trays into the fridge. If kids around, ask them to check after 2 or 3 hours if the liquid turned into gummy yumminess. Just kidding! I bet they will be super excited to help you!

You can use different molds to cut the jelly, heart shapes, if you want to practice for Valentine`s Day, or simply geometrical shapes, it`s up to you! You can sprinkle some sugar or even coconut flakes on top, or you can cover the gummy bears in chocolate! Melt some good quality white or milk chocolate and turn some orange, or raspberry, or strawberry juice into gummy bears. Also, you can turn some sweet mint tea into gummy bears and cover them in dark chocolate.

This is a funny way to spend some quality time with your dear ones, but also, it gives you the satisfaction of having your homemade gummy bears, anytime you want and any flavor you like.

Pixabay picture