Visual effect of a… humble banana!

Your kids and grandkids will love this new… approach of a fruit they may love or hate. Sometimes when your food is so good that all your dear ones are more than happy just to get around the table and enjoy it, you might need a little something to surprise them all! It`s not about a new dish, it`s about a new… visual effect!

Look at this picture I created in no time! Split the stalk of a banana so you could make this… humble fruit looking like a dolphin with the mouse open enough so he could keep a blueberry or a raspberry in! Don`t forget the eyes! You can draw them using any pen you have! We don`t eat banana skin!

I can tell you for sure: your kids and grandkids will be willing to taste the banana, if it looks like an adorable dolphin! Or, if they already love bananas but they don`t want to taste a grape, or a raspberry, you can ask them to still that little fruit from the dolphin, before he will eat it!

One more trick! You can use a sharp fruit knife to make a long cut on one side of the banana so you could remove the content from the skin! Use the banana skin to fill it with any cheese cream you like! Make sure the cream will be thick enough to help the banana skin still looking like a dolphin! You can use Mascarpone cheese with lemon zest and juice, or you could mix the cheese with some cookie crumbles. Kids will be surprised to discover bananas just changed its taste!

This… dolphin banana could be placed in jars filled with blueberries, to look like he just jumped out of the sea water!