Beans with a golden touch of yumminess

The secret of a happy life is to experience new things everyday. Food is one of the most common ways to successfully do this. So, take your humble beans dish to the next level with a golden and super tasteful  touch!

First thing, first, you should know this recipe works great no matter how you use to cook your beans, meat or no meat, soup or stew, black beans or just regular white beans. My recipe includes some additional ingredients like a deep fried red bell pepper, finely chopped, two cups of Kalamata olives and good quality tomatoes paste, it could be sun dried tomatoes paste for an extra sweetness, it`s up to you. You can try my version or keep yours, because the final touch of your beans dish is one teaspoon of golden curry powder! It will change everything! This quantity works great for two medium beans cans.

Curry is an amazing mix of spices, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, garlic and… more, and I can guarantee it will warm your heart, especially when the weather is cold. It is super healthy and it will help you reinvent not just your regular beans dish but also your meat balls, chicken soup and a lot of other… boring dishes.

If you don`t dare to try this completely different flavor because you don`t want to ruin your classic beans dish, I dare you to sprinkle some curry powder on a small amount of beans to taste it before you will add the whole quantity into your beans pot. Remember you have to help your kids and grandkids to experience new flavors! Maybe you will stay with your classic version, but they might like the curry version, so don`t reject something before you give it a try!