This is the fastest way to enjoy some sweet snacks without feeling guilty! It is also a great way to make your kids eating more fruits even when they ask for creamy or crunchy cakes and cookies.

First thing first, you need a good quality ice cream and this is the recipe. Mix 300 grams of double cream until it gets a little thicker and add one can of condensed milk and any flavor you love. Optional you can add one cup of raisins kept in rum or vanilla extract until they look pumped and hydrated. Put the mix into the freezer and the ice cream will be simply delicious.

The condensed milk is already sweet, so no need for extra sugar and extra calories! Now the funny way to take your sweet snacks to the next level! Scoop peaches, apricots, even small pears or apples, or other fruits you like and add a touch of your delicious ice cream, no more than a teaspoon. You will enjoy the crunchiness of the fresh fruits with the creaminess of the ice cream!

If you think that making your own ice cream is not an option, you can use any ice cream you like as long as you don`t forget the fruits! Kids will love to help you prepare these sweet snacks and you will help them discover new fruits or accept the old ones easily! Optional, when kids are not around, you could serve the ice cream with grilled glazed pineapple slices. For the glaze you simply mix three tablespoons of Muscovado sugar with the same amount of rum extract.