Magical meatballs for… kids of all ages!

This recipe works great when you`re busy and still want to enjoy the taste of comfort food, without spending hours in the kitchen. It`s my fast and delicious version of… destructured stuffed cabbage! We all love meatballs and these with the special taste of stuffed cabbage are really great!

Mix half a pound of minced meat with the same amount of sauerkraut, finely chopped. You can use pork, turkey or chicken, or my… half and half, which is half fat pork, half lean beef! Sauerkraut is already salted, so be gentle with salt, maybe just a… touch of grace! Now, add black pepper powder, a finely chopped red bell pepper, one small onion, finely chopped, also, sprinkle some thyme and dried dill, and also add two tablespoons of tomatoes paste. If you want the spicy version, add some extras: half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, one tablespoon of smoked paprika and half a teaspoon of chili paste. Mix everything well and make small meatballs.

Now, the fast way to cook them is to oil an oven tray, place a bed of sauerkraut on the bottom, sprinkle some thyme and also some red bell peppers slices, place the meatballs, cover the tray with aluminum foil, put the tray in the oven and the rest is history! A super tasty one! If you`re looking for the… stove version, be my guest, and I give you an extra version for diet, so start by boiling water into a pan, big enough for all your meatballs, place them into the boiling water, let them bubble and when almost ready, add some curry powder for an extra flavor. You can add some yogurt in every dish, when served!

Make sure you use the simple brine version sauerkraut, no sugar or vinegar added. Check the label, or prepare your own sauerkraut, home. This recipe is a good way to make your kids and grandkids start eating sauerkraut, so healthy for its multiple vitamins, K, C, Mg, B or Calcium and good bacteria, improving the immune system, digestion and also providing good intestinal flora thanks to the lactic acid which helps the cabbage to ferment and turn into this natural… pickled version.

Many kids at any age, including you, dear mom, dad, or grandpa, love meat but not too many veggies in everyday diet. You should try my recipe! It helps all your family improve its health, even losing some weight, if necessary! Thanks to the amount of A vitamin, sauerkraut works great for your skin and eyes, so you should use it as a regular salad during the cold season or you could repeat my recipe of magical meatballs, trying it with different types of meat.