You can successfully make some decorations, using your imagination, favorite colors and maybe additional items, non-expensive but very nice, giving that personal touch to your home.

First, it’s all about… glass! Colored or… crystal clear, glass decorations give an extra classy shine to any home! So, make sure you have a glass vase for small flowers bouquets, a little glass jar that fits perfect inside the vase, colored sand or small stones and also some decorative glass items like small butterflies, flowers, anything that looks great and bring originality into our creative process.

Fill the glass jar with colored sand and put it inside the vase, together with your glass figurines. It’s a nice way to use a vase when you don’t have flower bouquets in it. You can also use glass jars in original shapes, filled with layers of colored sand or stones and glass figurines, to keep the aromatherapy sticks until you get to use them. This is also a nice way to bring some extra perfume into your home, along with some extra colors.

The funny part of these decorations is that they are changing all the time: removing aromatherapy sticks while using them one by one, you empty the glass jar but this is still beautiful by itself, with its colored sand inside. When you have a flower bouquet inside the glass vase, simply remove the glass jar and figurines and use them as distinct decorative items, so you can recreate your living room or bedrooms and bathrooms over and over again.