Mrs. Klaus… recycled Christmas cookies

I don`t know about you, but when it comes to Christmas sweet treats, there are never enough, but the good news is now you have a delicious way to… recycle the leftovers! This is a fast but not furious way to turn the sweet Christmas leftovers into fresh and yummy showstoppers for the New Year`s Eve party.

The secret is in the cream layers and it works great with any kind of sweet dough, Christmas sweet bread, cookies and so on. Turn the cookies into crumbles, place some on the bottom of a big jar or water glass, cover them with a layer of running chocolate cream, you can use your favorite brand or make one from scratch, I will teach you how, add another layer of crumbles, cover it with some Greek yogurt cream, and another layer of cookies, chocolate cream and… you just saved the sweet Christmas leftovers! And it`s not only that, this is an easy way to create a new and delicious showstopper for your kids, family and friends. You could also give away your Christmas cookies in a more… good looking and tasting way.

Now let`s talk about cream, the chocolate one and the Greek yogurt one! For the chocolate cream you can use the thick version of my hot chocolate recipe, so for each big jar add three or four tablespoons of good quality powdered milk, one or two tablespoons of cocoa, Dutch would be better but you can use your favorite brand, too. Sugar quantities are up to you, but you could add two or three teaspoons of sugar. Take a fork and give a good mix to the dried ingredients before you add some hot water drops, little by little, until you get a thick chocolate cream, but make sure it is a running one, because it will get even thicker when cold. You don`t need more flavors because it tastes like the best milk chocolate you`ve ever had. Also, you should take care of the original taste of your cookies leftovers. Chocolate would not work with lemon, cinnamon and apple flavor. In this particular case, all you have to do is to replace the cocoa with some almond, pistachio or cinnamon essence for a perfect match with the crumbles. You can also add some fruits layers to rehydrate the dry dough. For the Greek yogurt cream all you need is some sugar and also few drops of essence, vanilla, rum or even orange zest, if you will use the cocoa version.