This will be your favorite side dish ever!

Don`t judge a book by its cover! Maybe it doesn`t look great but it tastes heavenly, it`s super crispy, a little salty, sour and spicy, it is also healthy even it is deep fried, and you can have it in a blink of an eye! You can call it veggie chicharron!

When it comes to side dishes or veggie dishes, it is hard to please all your dear ones wishes. Yes, French fries would be great for kids and grandkids, beans would please you and your partner, broccoli would be… nice from time to time and so on.

I dare you to try this recipe because it is super easy to prepare and it will turn into a showstopper for your family and friends! You can eat it simple, just with bread, polenta or rice, but you can use it to take to the next level of yumminess any boring sandwich or turkey leftovers, too!

All you need is sauerkraut, pickled cabbage, the healthy version is in brine, no sugar added. It is healthy because it has good bacteria for your digestive system, calcium, vitamin C and you can eat it also as a side dish when you love to eat bacon or different fat meats more often than your doctor would like to.

Anyways, first thing first, squeeze the juice from your sauerkraut and chopped it finely, just in case it is not already chopped! Use a good quality paper towel to make sure you remove all the moisture and also make sure you will not fry some paper too. I know, I am a big joker but it happens! Now, deep fry your sauerkraut until it turns dark golden brown and when you eat it is crunchy but also super crispy. It will practically melt in your mouth, leaving you craving for a next bite of yumminess.

You can add white or black pepper corns or just powder, you can also deep fry any pickles leftovers of course following the same steps, finely chopped and super dried before you fry them.