The teacher asks kids to draw or paint the way they imagine God looks like. In the end of the one hour class, she was really disappointed of Charlie`s drawing.

„You are one of my best kids, can you tell me what happened? You had an hour to draw and now you give me this incomplete drawing”.

„But it is complete”, Charlie says.

„I can`t see any color on God, on people`s heads and even on one or two of their blouses. You added just some translucent glitter, so were you unsure about the colors you had to choose? What is your story?”

„You asked us to draw God the way we imagine and that`s what I did. I didn`t color God, because He is everywhere so it looks transparent like the air. And we all are transparent like God created in the beginning, but we gradually loose our transparency as we grow, so I added some colors. The only part of us that keeps connection with God and transparency is our head. So, the heads, some blouses and that little baby are closer to God than anything else. A toddler is innocent, that`s what my grandma says all the time, so I left it like God, translucent, without any color”.

„What a beautiful story, Charlie! But I still have one question. Why that little baby was left in the back of the crowd and you didn`t place it next to God?”

„Like I said, kids have the perfect connection with God, they are happy just the way they are. Only older people feel the need to get closer, because they lost their innocence”.