This is a very easy way to enjoy a delicious salmon or other fish, you name it, when we don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen, but we really want our family and friends to love our meal, even when they are not big fish fans! 

First, we put a lay of lemon round slices into an oven tray. We can use a tin tray to really enjoy this meal without thinking we have to wash the tray, you know, as a bonus! Sprinkle salt, thyme, garlic powder and fresh grounded pepper on top of each lemon slice and also add some capers. It will help the lemon to caramelize during the cooking process and it will also give some extra flavor to our fish. Lay the salmon on the spicy lemon bed and sprinkle salt, thyme, garlic powder, pepper and capers on it. Put it into the oven until the fish turns pale orange. We can serve it with some extra capers or even with pickled cucumbers, if we are willing to dare for more. I can guarantee you that nobody could ever refuse our spicy salmon.



#pickled cucumbers