This is the recipe that will turn any boring day into a Valentine`s Day sweet celebration, for sure! All you need is to sprinkle some extra love in your… kitchen and it doesn`t take long before you and your partner could enjoy the most exquisite homemade chocolate you’ve ever tasted!

Don`t be afraid to try it even this would be your first kitchen experience ever. You can`t go wrong with it and, I promise, it will certainly be a sweet and gluey experience to remember and to ask for more! Of course, you will need some patience so your chocolate could get cold enough to cut it into small bars or cubes or even heart shape slices, using a special stencil.

So, if I turned on your curiosity and the cravings for sweets, you should get busy! First thing first, mix 400g of powder milk with 100g cocoa. Take a big pot, a non-stick one, if possible, and boil 400g of sugar in 200ml of water for five minutes or until the sugar crystals are completely dissolved. Stop the heat and add 200g of butter in the pot, mixing until it melts in. Add the milk and cocoa powder into the buttery syrup, little by little and let your creativity work!

Now, for the final touch of love, you just pour the yummy chocolate cream into a tray, cover it with some cling foil and leave it into the fridge until you can cut it as I already told you. It already has the perfect taste just the way it is, but you could optionally add one teaspoon of vanilla extract, or rum extract and raisins, or pistachio extract and chopped nuts, or coconut flakes. Or, you could try all these yummy combinations, next time, and next time, on and on and on!

You could leave a comment right on the end of this page with your homemade chocolate experience, or you could send a message to and share with my readers some of your special recipes for an… extra Valentine`s Day!

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