Play around like kids together with your kids and grandkids, putting together these bloody burger faces! It`s perfect time to practice some fast but not furious Halloween snacks, so you could decide together which will pass the… scary yumminess test for the big day!

You need some burgers, that`s for sure and also Mozzarella mini-balls, black and green olives, red bell pepper paste, ketchup, spicy or not, toothpicks and a little patience so you could put everything together.

Use halves olives and Mozzarella to get the eyeballs ready with a little help of toothpicks halves. Make sure the toothpick will be long enough so you could catch the eyeballs on the burger faces. Add half of a Mozzarella ball for… mouth and let the red sauces pour for some bloody scary effects! You can also use some extra eyeballs for scary mini-skewers.

This is a good opportunity to make your kids eating more healthy cheese, especially when they are not big fans of it. You can turn the salty faces into sweet ones, using small pancakes instead of burgers and blueberries to replace the olives, keeping the Mozzarella for the eyeballs. Use some cranberry sauce or sour cherries sauce to get the bloody scary faces!