This is an amazing mousse which tastes super fresh and you can enjoy it just the way it is, if you are looking for an extra healthy and refreshing snack together with bread slices or even baked potatoes chips, or you can use it as a side dish to refresh your veggies or meat meals.

You only need to mix two avocados with one garlic clove, one tablespoon of oil, not olive oil because it would change its taste, one small cucumber finely chopped and one cup of Greek yogurt and salt. For an extra kick you can add some finely minced jalapeno, but only if there are no kids around.

Now, if you are looking for more culinary adventure, you should dare to use the mixed avocados together with three eggplants, baked, peeled and finely chopped. This time forget about the garlic, it’s all about a fine minced onion or chives, rape seeds oil or sunflower oil, Greek yogurt and salt. You can also replace the yogurt with few tablespoons of condensed milk, if you like a little extra sweetness and creamy texture.

Both avocado recipes are simply delicious and fast to enjoy with family and friends.

Pixabay photos