Explore the food world, painting it!

This is a challenge for both, kids and parents, a very colorful and full of flavor one. It will help you discover new healthy tastes and also combinations. Endless experiences which will give you the chance to spend quality time in the kitchen with your kids.

Yes, you want them to enjoy your healthy meals, to eat greens or fruits the way you do, or the way you should do, but in the meantime, you have to give them the fair chance to experience the endless world of food in their own way and rhythm. Who knows, maybe you will turn your kids into junior chefs, starting their first business in your kitchen?!

Look at my picture and imagine your kitchen ingredients, vegetables and spices, fruits and extracts that could help you paint it! Use a white canvas which could be a Greek yogurt mixed with salt or sugar. The orange traces could be some pumpkin or carrots puree. It would work great some turmeric powder or some curry powder, too! For the dark blue traces, you could use some black sesame seeds or blueberries. The green traces could be sweet peas, spinach, or kiwi puree, or even green curry paste!

You don`t have to paint my painting, just paint your plane white yogurt canvas with your own ingredients, choosing your favorite colors. You might discover that you could mix some of the colorful food ingredients with a little help of a toothpick. Your kids might enjoy the taste of the orange carrots with the darker trace and taste of the cinnamon, or even with the pale cream trace of the minced garlic. The green trace of chives paste would work great with the salty yogurt itself, but also with the red tomatoes paste and so on! Even the green pickled jalapeno would give a nice kick to the sweet potatoes puree, with a little help from the salty yogurt! The same with the mango puree, orange and full of flavor, working great by itself with the sweet yogurt. Strawberries working great with a good trace of yellow lemon juice and zest and so on. Yes, you could use chocolate paste or peanut butter and colorful jelly, even some vibrant colorful dots from your Skittles, as long as you mix some fruits traces on your yogurt canvas!

This is a great playful way to help each other discover new colorful ingredients and their tastes. You can`t ask your kid to eat beetroot puree because it`s healthy, he might hate it until you will encourage him to use it as a strong red color on his yogurt canvas and give it a try with some garlic or horseradish combo! You will get to know your kids better and also you might surprise yourself discovering new healthy food combos! Just think about it and if you accept my challenge, send me your food paintings so you could inspire other families to spend quality time in their kitchen, too!