Imagine life as a travel to all our biggest projects, some of us are enjoying the travel between projects, some of us are anxious to get to the biggest project as fast as possible, but we all should keep the balance and enjoy both, the travel and the destination.

We should keep the rhythm, travel in the best way possible and live the best experience once we get to the destination. When we rush to get to the biggest project, we also rush to enjoy it, but the secret is to give us more time to enjoy every moment of our life.

Life is like driving on a highway, we have to adjust our speed to the others drivers, or we might be crashed by the others or even get lost. We don’t want to be left behind, to be out of the game, but we have to dare to adjust our speed to drivers around. We can’t explain them why we are moving to the left or to the right, we can`t scream so loud so they could hear us and they don’t even have such a huge interest in listening our story! We just have to dare to drive our car in the best way possible, not to collide with their cars and not to miss our destination thinking they have better reasons than ours to follow their way on a certain speed.

Remember driving on a highway experience any time you want to justify your actions to unknown people, the lady from the grocery store, the neighbor or even family or friends, they can`t hear you from their cars, they can`t understand the reasons you do what you do, and the same, you can`t understand their reasons neither. And it is perfect this way, you do not have to justify your life, you only have to assume to live it on its max. Explanations are signs of weakness. And remember cowboys` words of wisdom: talk less, say more. Let the facts speak for yourself, stop talking about your projects, it’s like the Christmas or birthday wish, keep it to yourself, so it could come true!

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