Danny is a 6 years old funny little boy. He loves to draw, but this time, he has to face a challenge: his teacher asked every kid from his class to bring a drawing of him and his mother, so they could transform it into a Father`s Day card.

He managed to fix this problem in his original way, but he got emotional when he saw all the kids from his class with all kind of portraits, completely different than his drawing.

„Danny, you don`t have any green hair and your mom wasn`t wearing any… purple pinkish wig when I met her this morning. So, this could be the best drawing or the worst one of this class”, says the teacher. „It is up to your story about all this!”

„Well, I`m not good on portraits and my mom is so beautiful, she deserves the best portrait ever. My dad has to recognize us when he will get this drawing card, so I thought it would be better to draw me and my mom from behind, wearing these colorful wigs. It is funny and it could be the drawing of any mom with her kid all around the world, no matter the color of their skin, white, black, red, yellow, even green if there exist any. It could be also a Halloween picture, too, and I`m sure dad will have a good laugh any time he will see my drawing.”

„Good job, Danny! Your story really saved your drawing!”

The truth was Danny couldn`t use different colors because his little sister Dora used them all with her own Father`s Day drawing card, but he managed to fix the problem without any complaints, just thinking outside the box and with a huge hoping smile on his cute face.