First thing first, you have to try to make things easier and in the most pleasant way possible not only in your kitchen but also in your life. That’s the point I’m giving you the easiest ideas to cook healthy or just tasty recipes so you could enjoy it with friends and family.

So, if you’re afraid of washing ten pots and the mixer, and the blender, then you should try to mix everything in the baking pot or right in the oven tray. You don’t have to wash anything but the pot and trust me: you will clear it before you notice it, fast but not furious! Also, if you’re not afraid of washing dishes, trays and mixers, then you could make this recipe in the classic way, using the mixer and the oven tray, but why wouldn’t try the easy and funny way of enjoying an original brownie recipe?! It is also a very versatile one, because you could use it to make a delicious anniversary cake, by cutting it in half and adding some sweet cheese cream or any cream you like, or you could enjoy it just the way it is, nice and simple but delicious. I usually bake it into a stainless pot, but you can also use a non-adhesive oven tray, round or square.

Mix four eggs with a pinch of salt in the stainless pot, add eight tablespoons of oatmeal, two tablespoons of baking powder, two tablespoons of cocoa, two tablespoons of sugar, eight tablespoons of cottage cheese, two tablespoons of raisins kept before for at least one hour in two tablespoons of rum essence and, finally, add two tablespoons of chopped white and dark chocolate. Put the pot into the oven until your brownie passes the toothpick test. Mix four tablespoons of hot chocolate powder or cappuccino with three tablespoons of hot water and glaze your brownie after you take it out of the pot.

It’s super yummy and super easy to make it and eat it! This could be also your perfect diet brownie if you replace the sugar with stevia extract, the cottage cheese with 0% fat cheese and you don’t add the chopped chocolate and the glaze. And you know what? If you like it, let me know!