Shredded potatoes, different yummy flavors

Are you looking for faster and easier ways to surprise your dear ones with the… humble mashed potatoes? I dare you to use your food processor to shred the potatoes! It helps you a lot, trust me! The next step is to place the shredded potatoes into your pasta strainer and deep it into a boiling water pot.

Make sure the potatoes are completely covered in boiling water and the edges of the pasta strainer are on the edges of the pot, to prevent your shredded potatoes migrate into the pot! They will boil faster than big potatoes chunks and will help you get some extra creaminess, too. Place the boiled shredded potatoes into the food processor, add salt, pepper and for each pound of potatoes you should add a can of unsweetened condensed milk. Taste the mixture and be honest with yourself, maybe it is creamy enough to forget about the double cream or even butter, or at least to reduce the quantities of your usual recipe. The condensed milk has a rich milky flavor, it is sweeter than the regular milk or double cream and it works great with the boiled shredded potatoes.

Now, if you are more adventurous, try my… exotic mashed potatoes. Forget about the regular recipe and replace or at least reduce the regular butter and double cream quantities with one can of unsweetened coconut milk! Trust me, it tastes amazing, the coconut flavor doesn`t overwhelm the mashed potatoes delicious taste but it takes it to the next level! You could use sweet potatoes or regular potatoes and don`t forget the… shredded and the pasta strainer process!

Another trick with a big wire strainer is to turn a regular deep pot, into a… deep fryer pot! You could place your chicken wings, meatballs or potatoes into the wire strainer and deep it into the pot filled with a proper amount of oil to cover your food. It is a good way to reuse a forgotten big wire strainer and also to save money if you are not a big fan of deep fryers, you only use them once or twice a year!