Diet doesn`t have to be as scary as this funny face! Yes, I know, it is not that easy, especially when you think of all the sweet treats you have to leave behind for a while. That`s why I dare you to try this recipe, sweet and yummy, which will help you keep doing the good things when you are on diet!

This is the way you can loose weight enjoying every minute of the whole process even when you keep a high protein diet. Or, it could work perfect if you don`t want to eat sugar but you still feel your… sweet cravings. So, get busy!

Add three tablespoons of vanilla essence and the same amount of rum essence into a glass bowl and mix them with a pinch of salt and six saccharine pills. Make sure the pills are completely dissolved before the next step which is adding one big cup of zero fat cheese cream and half a cup of zero fat yoghurt.

Now you can enjoy this creamy and delicious combination just the way it is, maybe adding some fruits, if your diet permits, or even some sugar free berries syrup, or you can add three teaspoons of cocoa powder for the final touch.

If you try to make your kids eat healthier sweet treats, you can decorate it with some diet cream biscuits, just the way you can see in this picture, using some berries syrup to get this funny happy face. It could be white or brown, it could be orange essence and even some zest when you are using the cocoa version, it doesn`t really matter as long as you can use this recipe like a base for your next healthy sweet cravings treats!