It doesn`t matter how old or young you are, these are simple but super funny and also challenging ways to spend quality time with your dear ones! It works great to get together around your kitchen table and choose between Math or Literature, without any help from the internet.

First thing first, you have to choose a yummy prize for the winner or even a small amount of money, if you think the little ones could be more motivated. You might be surprised to discover how competitive grandpa or even great grandpa is, when it comes to win the big prize!

If you are choosing Math, get busy and ask your kids or grandkids to get a piece of paper and make the inventory of your pantry or your kitchen cabinets. Make sure you don`t forget to take a piece of paper too and count all the goodies hidden in that… magic place of your kitchen! You will discover how many peanut butter or jelly jars you have, how many marshmallows, cookies, spices bags, flour, tomatoes cans and so on! Maybe it looks like a win-win situation, but who`s counting faster will win the game, of course, if the numbers are right! You could push the limits and if your kids and grandkids are big enough, find out the… value of your pantry supplies! This game will help you next time when you get to the grocery store, not to buy stuff that you already have in your pantry. Your kids will take care of this, I can guarantee you! This game will help all of you training your… brains in the old classic way! It is also a great way to play it with your kids when you`re in line waiting to pay your shopping. You could evaluate how much you will have to pay for all the stuff!

Another game to train your brain is to take a piece of paper so you could write some rhymed lyrics. You know, something like “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plane”, the famous quote from “My Fair Lady”, or some lyrics from your favorite love song. The goal is to train your brain so you could compose your own rhymed lyrics! How great is that! I know the challenge is big if you`ve never done this before, but that`s exactly the point! You will push your mind thinking in a big way to all those words which make perfect rhymes and your kids will love this too! You will vote the winner and his or her lyrics will be memorized by the competitors so they could know them by heart next week, when you`ll get together for your next game to train your brain! These lyrics might inspire your kids to compose a poem or even a song for someone`s birthday party or could be written on a postcard as well!

So, when the weather outside is not great, get busy and have some quality fun together! Make sure you will choose the perfect… award, you could even bake your favorite cake, or cook the comfort food you love most. Your kids will always remember these… good old times!

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