Lana is a 4 years old girl, always excited to find out how she could do things better so her grandpa could be proud of her. They are spending a lot of time together, while Lana’s parents are working long hours far from home. Now, they plan to buy a gift for Lana’s mom, because she will celebrate her birthday, next weekend. The only problem is grandpa already purchased a beautiful pair of teardrop earrings and Lana turned sad.

„Grandpa, why would anyone buy something with such a sad shape?”, asks Lana.

„What sad shape? I think the earrings are really beautiful and your mom loves this shape since she was a little girl just like you!”

„Teardrops can’t be funny!”

„Well, when you were born, grandma and I had a lot of teardrops running on our faces, but there were all happy tears!”, grandpa says.

„Let’s play a funny game together! We have to find teardrop shape in nature, it could be even upside down! You will start being happy with the teardrop shape and also you will have a lot of fun!”

„Ok, but I can’t imagine how this game works, so you have to teach me, grandpa!”

„Actually, I will start drawing some teardrops and turn them into familiar animals, birds, insects and flowers. You will learn to turn something sad into something funny. You know how grandma always says, turn the bad into a good thing!”, grandpa says.

Lana starts recognizing a beautiful owl sitting next to a craw, flowers with teardrop shape petals, even penguins and a funny seal. Now she no longer feels sadness when she sees teardrops. She is teaching this game to her friends, too, so they could play it together!

Grandma is proud grandpa helped Lana to learn something great and she also helped the little girl to accept that tears are good, sometimes.

“Teardrops help you get rid of sadness! They are salty like the ocean where you enjoy playing in the summertime! Also, teardrops have the same shape as rain drops or water drops, too. And you can’t say rain is bad for flowers and veggies and the water is the best when a little fairy like Lana gets thirsty”, grandma says with a smile.

Now, if you like the story, try to find even more teardrop shapes in nature, maybe you can draw a fish with teardrop shape scales, or even a peacock, with that fabulous tail made with teardrop shape feathers! Send us your drawings so we could share with our readers!