Imagine one dark night, on a farm porch in the middle of nowhere. A drone is floating high enough to make no noise, two bright green spots and a red one moving slowly.

Great Grandpa is thinking of those words he listened, frightened, for the first time, in the church, long time ago: “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars…”.

Grandpa yells at Grandma: “Keep the kids inside!” Meanwhile, his son, the farmer, recognizes a drone and thinks angry at his neighbor, who’s looking to buy his land and might spy him with that green and red flashy thing! Farmer`s young brother is super excited he just can watch what he believes it is an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and he starts filming the red and green lights, already dreaming his success on social media!

The granddaughter, farmer’s first born, a 18 years old young lady who also recognizes the drone, is excited she just got an amazing sign from God. She asked Him to give her a sign if she made the right decision with Paul, hoping he will propose her to marry him! Her youngest brother, a 4 years old kid, screams loud at his dad, the farmer: “Dad, look those funny lights are watching us from the sky! Can I wave to them, maybe will come down to play with?”

These are just some reasons why we should accept each other, knowing there is enough place on earth for everybody, no matter how daring or scaring people’s dreams are!