There’s always room for dessert!

Sweet memories put a good big smile on our face, like our inner child just got into the best cakes shop ever. Our heart frames them forever. Imagine how beatiful our heart is,  wearing all those good memories glowing like Christmas lights!

Bitter memories are just waiting in line, into a dark place of our brain, until we get wise enough to turn them into good memories and let them be framed forever deep inside our heart.

Remember there is always a little light inside each and every one of us. Don’t turn off your inside light, have a little faith in you! The inner child keeps it shining strong enough to make you glow inside out.

Sometimes we glow with the power of our words of wisdom, sometimes, with the power of our facts. Words of wisdom are like cakes perfectly cooked into the oven of our facts. We can enjoy them only when the time is right, and we can share them with our dear ones and their own cakes. There is always room for dessert!

Pixabay picture