This is the yummiest and also easy way to prepare ice cream, simply because you don`t need too many ingredients to deal with. Your kids will love it and they will learn to prepare it, too!

Trust me, from now on, you will always be able to have your own homemade ice cream, any flavor you love! First step first, mix one can of condensed milk with one tablespoon of glucose syrup and one cup of cooking cream. Second step is to add the flavor you like, vanilla essence, rum, or even smashed cookies! It`s all up to you and your creativity. Put the sweet and delicious mix into the freezer for couple of hours. All you need is to take a break and stop checking the watch or the freezer all the time, so you could enjoy it at its best!

This ice cream works great with fruits puree, smashed cookies and any sauce you like. You could teach your kids to have their… personalized ice cream so they could replace the… lemonade stand with an ice cream one! Speaking of lemons, you could use their zest and juice, too, for a special and fresh ice cream!

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