Little Jonah was so upset he scratched really bad his left knee and even his mom was taking good care of his wound, the healing process wasn’t complete.

Every morning when he was wakening up, no matter how happy he was for another sunny day, perfect for a good play outdoors with his friends, Jonah was turning sad because of his wound. It was still there, pinkish and even a little painful and the little boy was starring at it, thinking maybe it will never disappear.

One day, Jonah`s grandpa came to visit and asked him why is so sad, what`s bothering him.

“Grandpa, look at my wound, it is still there, even mom is taking good care of it. It’s still painful and sometimes it looks smaller but the next day is back the way it was before”, says Jonah.

“Can you move your legs and run while playing football?”, asks grandpa.

“Yes, I can, but sometimes I can feel the wound stretching my skin”, answers the little boy.

“Ok, can you enjoy your favorite meals your mom cooks especially for you?”

“Yes, but…”

“Can you hear me asking you these questions?”

“Come on, grandpa, what’s the point?”

“Well, remember any time you look at your wound, you have to think of ten things you feel blessed for. In fact, I tell you what! Let’s go to the kitchen and play the blessings game with your sister and your mom and dad, too!”, says grandpa.

“Sometimes, your mind has to be… fooled so you could think of so many good things you are thankful for and forget about the only thing it doesn’t work so well. This way you will leave time and space for healing your mind and your body, too. Trust me, next week when I’ll be back to you, your wound will be gone for good!”, says grandpa.

So, you could play this game too, any time you feel sad or upset, or when a bad thought or wound keep bothering you. If you kind any blessing, take a peace of paper and try to draw this picture, it will make you feel better simply because you twist your mind into a different direction! Train your mind for good thoughts and train your dear ones to play this game with you. It doesn’t work all the time but the good news is when it works, you can leave behind a lot of sadness and feel light like a bald eagle feather! Share this story and the blessings game with all the people you know!