Who says you have to change the case of your phone when it doesn`t look like new? You can ask your kids or grandkids for a helping hand or you can wake up your inner kid to play with some colorful nail polish you don`t use it anymore!

It doesn`t matter you have no painting talent, you are free to create your own pattern for the phone case. This is not just a way to give your kids a funny summer homework. This is actually a way to recycle and also to stop paying some extra money for more plastic phone cases.

This technique works great even when you are trying to reinvent old picture frames, furniture or even when you want to decorate a simple glass vase without using the classic way of burning it into the oven. The nail polish really works and you can pour it right from its bottle, it dries really fast and it`s not going anywhere.

I will come back with some pictures with painted glass and also furniture, so you could dare to be creative in a playful way, recycling and saving money. So, next time when you want to get rid of old plastic cases, bags, or old nail polish, remember to turn yourself into an artist and ask your kids to teach you how to be creative into a funny playful way!